National Electricity Support Tariff (NEST)

Small changes. Big savings.

The NEST tool was developed to assist households with managing appliances and preventing sudden power trips due to overloading. Available at, the NEST tool includes a general simulator for households with a limit of up to 60 Amps and a tariff calculator to compare tariffs in different regions or manage monthly expenses. We encourage you to use the tool to get a better understanding of how appliances and cell phone charging affect your electricity consumption at home.

How to use the NEST Web Tool:
General Simulator

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Choose ‘General Simulator’ from the menu.
Step 3: Enter your current limit. Most homes are on 60 Amps.
Step 4: Select the number of appliances you use at the same time to see how they affect your circuit breaker, and whether you are operating within a safe zone.

Tariff Calculator
Step 1: Select ‘Tariff Calculator’ from the menu.
Step 2: Select your tariff, e.g., the region you live in. If you are comparing tariffs, select the region you want to compare with.
Step 3: Select the number of appliances you use per day and how long they run for daily to see how much you are spending per month, and how you can reduce your consumption and cost.

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